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We’ve seen it all! From super organised to disastrous. The stress involved with moving your home runs a close third behind ending a long term relationship and losing your job. It’s not uncommon for people to have developed a cold or migraine on the day without realising why. Without question, moving is emotionally difficult.

For centuries now we’ve been settlers not nomads. It’s not our nature to uproot. But here are some ideas which can make all the difference on the day.

1. Planning is half the battle. A little forward planning will make your move less stressful, and most likely save you money on the day. The customers who invariably complain about a high estimate not only underestimate how much "stuff" they need to move, but are also often caught out and ill prepared when the removalist turns up on move day. Take the time to think through where all your belongings will be located at your new premises. Then decide whether an additional storage facility is required. Op-shops are a great way to dispose of unwanted books. Metro provides a comprehensive planning guide for customers. Make sure you have enough boxes, some packing tape and a black permanent marker. Metro can supply boxes and collect them after the move.

2. Don’t underestimate how much you have. When I estimate a customers requirement for boxes or manpower, I often get "I don’t have that much really" or "Surely this is only a half day job". We’ve been doing this now for 17 years. If we think it will take 300 boxes and an 8 hour load and unload with 4 men, then, give or take a few, that’s pretty much what it will be. The more you trust us and let us do what we do, the easier the outcome on the day.

3. Be packed and ready on the day. It sounds obvious, but so many customers are tired and stressed at 8.00 am when the truck rolls into their driveway, with less than half their belongings packed.

This is one of the most common causes of unnecessary stress when you move. Don’t leave it to the last minute. If you need assistance, let us know. Metro provides a tailor-made pre-pack service that will save you time to do the important things – like organising your family and pets. Click for more info >

4. Don’t accept the lowest quote without asking the most important question: "How many men will be on site on the day?"

So many of our regular customers over the years have gone elsewhere on price, only to return and recall horror stories of their last move. It almost always ended late into the night because the cheaper quote only provided for 2 men when a 4-man team was required.

Remember to compare "apples with apples". If a quote seems high, ask us why.

5. Reserve an elevator. If you are moving into one of Sydney’s many newer apartment buildings, make sure you inform the building manager of your moving date and reserve a lift.

6. Storage. Without realising it, we’ve all accumulated possessions in our lifetime. Some people can’t bear to let go of the things they no longer need. Unfortunately few people can continue to buy larger and larger properties. Third party storage facilities are now a huge business.

Think hard about whether you want to be paying perpetual rentals on storage cages or whether you cant benefit from selling your unused furniture. It’s easy to get a few hundred dollars here and there and will save you loads of money long term. Reward yourself by putting the extra cash toward a holiday. Don’t spend it on more clutter!

7. Op-shops or opportunity shops are a great way to recycle things you don’t want to throw out, but cant sell. Books, CD’s, clothes, vases and unwanted gifts provide a great revenue source to these non-profit organisations.

Metro has a policy of removing unwanted items free of charge. We take them to our favourite charity and they convert this into important community service.

8. Think about your pets. Click here for more >

9. Telephone, electricity and gas. Allow at least 2 weeks for our telecommunications giant to be able to re-connect your telephone if you are moving into a new zone. (This is defined by whether or not you can keep your existing number).

It’s also a good idea to ask for number diversion for at least a month after you move. This will allow you a few weeks to notify your friends of your new number.

Electricity and Natural Gas accounts are easier to set up and change. Click here for the relevant contact details >

10. Postal redirection. Australia Post offers a relatively inexpensive redirection service. For around $11 per month, any mail sent to your old address will turn up at your new residence. This is a good way of learning who needs to be advised of your change of address.

11. RTA. Driver’s Licenses are now an accepted form of ID in Australia. Penalties apply for not notifying the RTA of your address change. You can do this in person, or by post. Click here for the relevant contact details >

12. Cleaning. Imagine being asked to do the type of Spring clean on your home where you have to move out all your furniture! Then try to image cleaning someone else’s home, albeit a light wipe-over, the same day! This is what happens when you move. Our tip is to hire a cleaner to help you. It’s not expensive. No one can expect you to be supermum, getting the kids off to school, preparing the move, organising your pets, the phone, the mail, then deciding where it all goes at the other end, as well as carrying out the biggest clean ever!

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